How To Make Family Dinner Time The Highlight of Each Day Without Stressing Over What to Cook or HOW to Cook It…  
  • Does food go bad in your fridge while your family hits the drive  through?
  • ​Do you want to make dinners your family is in AWE of?
  • ​Do you know how to prepare a quick weeknight dinner?
  • ​Have you said: "Let's just order delivery tonight! I'm too exhausted to cook..."?
  • ​​Is the kitchen just a place where your coffee pot lives instead of being a place of connection?​
  • ​Do you feel ANXIOUS or AFRAID when you step into the kitchen?
  • ​Have you been told that you can't cook?  
  • ​Do you feel like cooking is just too hard for YOU?

It is time for The Confident Kitchen!  This easy 90 minute online course will give you the skills and confidence to build the kitchen life you want!  Quick videos, guides, checklists and journal prompts act as an experience to shift and transform your mindset and allow you to step into your kitchen with confidence!
One Time Charge of $97 - Lifetime Access!
No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 110% Money Back Guarantee!
What Will I Learn?
  • How to make an easy and nutritious weeknight dinner
  • ​How to set up your kitchen the right way for YOU
  • ​What tools you need and what you don't need 
  • Getting the right herbs and spices 
  • ​How to stock your pantry with must-have ingredients
  • ​How to make ANY recipe
What is "The Confident Kitchen"?
An comprehensive online course to set up your kitchen systems, teach you how to read any recipe, and equip you to cook simple weeknight dinners.
What You Get In The Confident Kitchen:
  • Get signature kitchen systems that work
  • ​Discover how to stock your pantry for easier meals
  • ​Take stress and frustration and trade it for a easy dinnertime the entire family will enjoy
  • A one hour live group coaching session with Mirlandra!  
  • ​Get the personal help you need! 
  • ​Ask your questions and get individual Kitchen Strategy help!
  • This simple video takes the mystery out of baking!
  • ​Learn the secret to fluffy baked goods
  • Stop fearing baking and start enjoying treats!
  • Learning how to read recipes will change your life.
  • This is an easy road-map to new dinner options!
  • This is the same method I used to teach myself to cook.
  • Digital cookbook with 101 family friendly recipes
  • ​17 popular dinner recipes 
  • Includes the famous pancake and sugar cookie recipes from
  • Double recipes with ease. 
  • ​Save time.
  • ​Prevent frustrating measuring mistakes.
What you get with The Confident Kitchen
The Confident Kitchen Digital Course ($297 value)
Live Coaching With Mirlandra, Your Kitchen Strategist ($197 value)
The 5 Secrets of Baking Video Mini Class ($27 value)
How to Read a Recipe in 3 Easy Steps - Digital Guide ($19 value)
Simply Delicious Cookbook ($19 value)
Printable Recipe Conversion Chart ($5 value)

This entire package is valued at $564
Today, you can get it all for only $97!!!
Meet Mirlandra!
I'm a Kitchen Strategist, the founder of The Confident Kitchen as well as a wife and mom. Over the past five years, I have channeled my passion by sharing customized, homemade recipes with hundreds of thousands of women internationally through my blog: Mirlandra's Kitchen.   

As a young girl I turned to cooking to find solace, and inspiration. In that process, I found that the kitchen is a place that anchored me, and a place where connection, love and conversation can take place.
Through this passion, I created a method to simplify your entire kitchen experience while allowing you to experience the joy, love and connection I believe is the anchor of the entire home. This is where The Confident Kitchen was born.  
What People Are Saying!

Lindsey Johnson

I am a seasoned home cook. Over the span of two days, I watched The Confident Kitchen videos and was blown away by how much I learned. Mirlandra's recipes never fail for me, so I knew I could trust her when it came to the material covered in TCK. It's proof an old dog can learn new tricks! Ha! But seriously, I am ready to do some reorganizing, planning, and get moving on making my kitchen a happier place where I can rediscover my love of food and cooking for the people I love. Mirlandra makes the process fun and interesting, yet not at all intimidating, in her amazing Mirlandra way. Can't recommend this course enough and I can't wait for more!
Got Questions???
Why would you offer more money on a refund than I paid?
We offer a 110% money back guarantee because The Confident Kitchen is an amazing, life changing class.  If you don't have that experience we want to make that right for you!
Is this course just for women?
No - anybody is welcome but it is geared towards women.  Jonathan and Mirlandra may do one in the future geared towards men.  
What if I try the course and hate it?
The Confident Kitchen was created to empower people! If it is not the right fit for you please let us know as soon as possible. We are happy to refund your money in full within 30 days of buying the course.
How much time do I have to complete the course?
Once you buy the course you own it and can go through it at any speed you like.
How do I contact support?
You can reach the team by email at